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Dan Allan and John Kurland will work together to make Nick look dumb if he tries to make a show of this process. ”His handshake was firm, congratulations.

Rob J. rode home and hitched up the buckboard because he had the feeling that Moon should be there when he came to pick up her husband. In her normal housecoat and a bonnet that Makwa had owned, she sat upright and, even for her own standards, exceptionally silent on the wagon. Rob noticed that she was very nervous. He tied the horse in front of the bank and she waited in the wagon while he wrote the check and handed it to John Kurland, a serious young man who greeted the moon politely but without any warmth at the introduction.

After the lawyer left, Rob J. sat down on the cart next to Moon. He left the horse tied where it was and they sat and looked over at the door of Mort London’s office. Even though it was September, the sun was still hot.

The wait seemed unusually long to them. Finally, the moon touched his arm, because the door opened and the man walking by, singing, stepped out, bent down so that he could get undamaged under the door frame.

They noticed Mond and Rob J. immediately and approached them. The one who walks along singing started to run, maybe because he was happy about the newfound freedom, maybe also because he instinctively wanted to flee from this prison, but after a few resilient sentences something barked above and behind him, and then it popped off two roofs across the street.

Pyawanegawa the hunter, the guide, the hero of the stick-and-ball game, should have fallen with dignity – like a giant tree – but he stumbled and stumbled like an ordinary man and then fell face forward into it Dust. Rob J. jumped off the car and ran to him, but the moon couldn’t move. When he was with him and turned him over, he saw what Moon already knew. One bullet had struck him right in the neck and two others in the chest, barely an inch apart. Two heart shots, it looked like – both fatal. Kurland came running up too and now stood by in helpless horror. Moments later, London and Holden emerged from the sheriff’s office. Mort let Kurland explain what had happened and then ordered his men to search the roofs on either side of the street. Nobody seemed particularly surprised to find it empty.

Rob J. had remained kneeling next to Who Goes Singing, but now he stood up and looked Nick Holden in the eye.

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As a result, 212 of the 248 members of the House and Senate who sat on the relevant committees when Congress opened an investigation into Enron in early 2002 had accepted campaign contributions from Enron or its criminal accountancy firm Arthur Andersen. Even the less senior employees at Enron seemed to have taken a hit at first. They relaxed and watched as the value of their retirement savings, which in large part came from

Enron stock went on and on and on. But the company’s phenomenal success did not last … and it was based on fraud. Much of the corporation’s profits were made through the creation of letterbox companies and faked through dubious (and perhaps criminal) accounting practices. It is unclear how much of the whole story will ever come out, as important documents were destroyed before investigators could see them. In any case, the pyramid called Enron collapsed in the fall of 2001. And while the US was in shock over September 11th, Enron’s board members were busy limiting damage, selling stocks and destroying files. Neither did the national crisis after the attacks stop them from seeking help from their comrades in the Bush administration. Enron executives called Trade Secretary Don Evans and then Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill asking for help as the company was on the verge of collapse. Evans and O’Neill said there was nothing they could have done when senior management told them about the rogue thing with the mailbox companies and the impending collapse, and Bush later proudly used that behavior as evidence that the administration was failing one of the president’s major campaign donors Had granted special discounts. That’s right. The government took pride in the fact that it did nothing when millions of Americans were cheated of their money. And that these Americans could be plucked was largely due to the fact that the Bush administration stood idly by the corporation’s rampage. When George W. Bush finally faced the press,

When Enron officially went bankrupt in December 2001, stock market gurus and investors across the country were shocked. -207-

But “bankrupt” meant a different thing to Enron executives than it did to us mortals. The company’s 2001 bankruptcy filing identified 144 executives who received a total of $ 310 million in compensation and an additional $ 435 million in shares. That was an average of $ 2 million in compensation per capita plus another $ 3 million in stocks. And while the big animals were counting their millions, thousands of Enron workers lost their jobs and most of their savings. Enron had three savings plans for its employees, and at the time of bankruptcy there were 20,000 savers. The pension funds consisted of 60 percent of Enron shares.

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– Sent back used tunnels, where a sizable pile of bags is already piling up fragrant. A confirmed wild hamster sighting could also be confirmed, as Chu, Gopnik and »S. TP «Peterson agrees to keep the rectors’ office from the post-eschaton reprisals against the big buddies Pemulis, Incandenza and Axford, which the eschatonist faction of the association does not necessarily want to see repressed, although the consensus is that nobody would object to the infamous Ann Kittenplan would be taught the flute tones. Hamster incursions could also be blamed for the occult appearance of large and unsuitable E. 1.A. objects in the most unsuitable places, which started in August when thousands of exercise balls were found scattered all over the blue foyer carpet, which is in the middle September continued with the carefully stacked pyramid found on Court 6 during morning practice

The carefully stacked pyramid of AminoPal energy bars found and what has since gained a dynamic that could remain stolen from everyone – wild hamsters are notorious grinders and regroupers of objects that they cannot eat, but with which they still have to play around compulsively – and so on reduce the collective near-hysteria which is equally widespread among the indigenous auxiliary staff and the U16s of the E. 1. A. After all, it is foreseeable that it would turn the boys from the tunnel club into heroes. They move through the tunnel, the rays of their mercury lamps cross and separate, forming jagged and slightly pink colored angles. But even a confirmed rat would be a coup. Dean of Studies Mrs Inc has a wild phobia about pests, garbage, insects and general plant hygiene, and Orkin men with beer bellies and playing cards with naked women in high-heeled shoes on the backs (McKenna claims) spray the whole E twice a semester 1. A. until it stops with pesticides. None of the

little E. 1. A. boys – for the pests are just as much a fetish of the post-latency phase as underground abodes and exclusive clubs have each seen or even caught a rat, a cockroach or even a lousy silverfish. The unspoken consensus is that a wild hamster would be optimal, but a rat would not be to be despised either. A single lousy rat would give the club a real reason, an explainable reason for the underground gatherings – they all have a bad feeling that they cannot really explain to themselves why they like to meet underground so much. “Sleeps, do you mean you can get this up and carried away?” “Chu, man, I wouldn’t stand next to it, let alone touch it.

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The whole thing had been strange and lonely, until it was approached by Grin, who had made no secret of the fact that he had two eggs of the finest steel in his sack when it came to gruesomely beautiful women. But somehow it wasn’t even about her subjective identification when she waited for the flashes and the apparent non sequiturs that revealed more than just cold, hip, technical abstraction. For example, Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s 240-second motionless shot from below

“The ecstasy of St. Theresa,” which – yes, the dramatic development of the marriage contract … brought it to an annoying standstill that a fifteen to thirty second statue would have produced just as well; but on the fifth or sixth watch, Joelle realized that the four-minute long still image accentuated an absence: the whole film took the POV308 of the alcohol-addicted snack bag seller, and this – or his head – could be seen in every shot, even on the split screen the titanic sky marathon seven-card study game with tarot cards – the rolled eyes, the temple dents and the rosary made of beads of sweat on the upper lip could be seen continuously on the screen and the screen … except for the four narrative minutes in which the alcohol-addicted snack bag seller in the Vittoria in front of which Bernini stood and the climactic statue filled the canvas and pushed itself to all four edges. The statue, the sensual presence of the sculpture, let the alcohol-addicted snack bag seller escape himself, his annoying, omnipresent, complicated head, she realized, that was the point. The four-minute freeze might not have been at all

The four-minute still image was perhaps not a meaningful artistic gesture or an anti-public wrong track. Freedom from one’s own head, from the inescapable subject, Joelle gradually recognized an emotional thrust, indirect to the point of invisibility, because the mediated transcendence of the self was exactly what the apparently decadent statue of the orgasmic nun claimed for itself as a subject. After a serious (and admittedly rather boring) examination, an unironical, almost moral thesis of the abstract, sarcastic camp cartridge emerged: the stasis of the climactic statue of the film presented its theoretical subject as an emotional effect – a self-forgetfulness like that of the Grail – , and she presented – in a hidden gesture that had something almost moralistic about it, Joelle, who was coked and looked at the brightly lit screen with her mouth twitching while cleaning – found the self-forgetfulness in alcohol to be subordinate to that in religion / art (because bourbon consumption left that The head of the salesman swell terribly until its dimensions at the end of the film the frame

and he had terrible and humiliating trouble to maneuver him through the main entrance of the Vittoria into the open). But somehow it didn’t matter much once she got to know the whole family. The work and its analyzes were just a premonition – which usually came over her under small, controllable amounts of coke, which allowed her to see deeper and more clearly, and therefore those notions were not inherent in the objective work itself – a feeling out of the hollow belly that the punter’s deeply injured attitude toward his father was limited, self-conscious, and perhaps unreal.

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But in the future he will come here so that we can use the piano for the exercises. “

Lillian nodded too, albeit a little stiffly. “Yes. How lucky you’re home, Rachel, ”she said, pouring some more Shaman tea.

The next day, after his house calls, he took the Long Walk and saw Rachel coming, although he had no appointment with her.

“You helped with the autumn house cleaning and missed your afternoon nap, so now I’ve sent her to bed.”

He turned and walked beside her. The forest was full of birds, and in a nearby tree he spotted a cardinal trilling defiantly but inaudibly to him.

“I quarreled with my mother. She wanted us to go to Peoria for the holidays, but I’m not willing to run the gauntlet of bachelors and widowers willing to marry. So we’re going to spend the holidays at home. “

“Good,” he said, and she smiled. There was another argument, she said, because Joe Regensberg’s cousin was marrying another woman and made the offer to buy the Regensberg Tin Company after he was unable to get it through marriage. That, she confided in Shaman, was also the reason for her trip to Chicago: she would sell the company. “Your mother will calm down again. She loves You.”

This time he felt a slight tremor as she held his fingers in hers. Perhaps the house cleaning had been so stressful for her or the argument. But he dared hope there was more to it, and suddenly there was an intimacy in her touch that made him slide his hand completely into hers.

They were working on the breath control needed to manage the little explosions of the letter P, and he was just repeating a nonsensical sentence with a straight face about the postman Peter who was constantly packing parcels when she shook her head. “No. Feel how I do it! ”She put his fingers to her larynx.

But all he felt was Rachel’s warm, soft skin. He hadn’t planned it. If he had thought about it, he would not have done it. He let his hand wander upward, placed it on her cheek, and leaned over to kiss Rachel. The kiss was infinitely sweet, the kiss often dreamed and longed for between a fifteen-year-old boy and the girl he was hopelessly in love with.

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Investigators now only need to pull out one of these national security directives and voilà – in no time at all, business, educational, Internet, consumption and other personal data are released without a -153-

well-founded suspicion or even just an intelligence necessity would have to be proven. In other words, the FBI can spy on and monitor anyone – Ashcroft refuses to say who they are spying on – without Congress having a chance to investigate. But that’s not all. In the meantime we have kept so many people in secret detention without a court judgment that many a banana republic might have become jealous of us. Around 5,000 young people, mostly students, were “interviewed” by the FBI. Suffice it to say that their nationality was unclear or that they came from the Middle East. Another 1,200 people were arrested and locked up without trial and without specifying the length of detention, mostly for minor violations of immigration regulations, which previously no rooster would have crowed. Of those arrested for violating immigration and residence regulations, 11 percent sat behind bars for more than six months before being released or deported. About half were detained for over three months. In a very critical report, even the Inspector General of the Justice Department complained that inmates held in a federal prison in Brooklyn were subjected to “systematic physical and verbal pressure” and suffered from “excessively harsh” conditions, including 23-hour closure, cells lit around the clock, a communication barrier and excessive use of handcuffs, leg irons and heavy chains. The report also accused the FBI of “hardly bothering to distinguish” between immigrants with possible links to terrorism and the vast majority of those (many were online by chance -154-

The investigators advised), which apparently had no links to terrorism. It is un-American to incarcerate a large group of people unless there is good reason to believe that they are dangerous. Worse still, some of the detainees were secretly and quietly put into motion for deportation proceedings. Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, immigration courts started countless secret trials across the United States. Court clerks were forbidden to even confirm these events. Now some of my readers may say to themselves that, as good US citizens with an identity card in their wallet, they are safe from Bush’s terror. Don’t be too sure about that. In terms of its larger goals, the Bush administration has never been hindered by law. Bush is of the opinion that as Commander-in-Chief he has the power – that is to say, regardless of the applicable laws of the country – to define any person as an “enemy fighter”, to lock them behind bars, to lock them and then to throw away the key .

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“(B) APPLICABLE AMENDMENT – Section 2703 (d) of Article 18, United States Code, is amended to delete” Described in Section 3127 (2) (A) “. Do you get it? For this reason, people in the Justice Department tug their hair every time someone wants to know exactly what this all means, and they regularly recommend that citizens “read the law for themselves” for clarity – one In view of the stipulated language of the law, a recommendation verging on mockery. On October 11th, just a month after September 11th, the Senate approved a version of the law that civil rights experts found even less acceptable than -150-

the version presented to the House of Representatives to be voted on the next day. The Bush administration disliked the restrictions in the House of Representatives bill, and the Department of Justice worked with the House Speaker all night to remove any civil protection clauses attached to the bill by the House committees. The final version was submitted on October 12th at 3:45 am. When the representatives went to vote on the law in Congress a few hours later, they thought the bill that they had agreed on the previous day would now be put to the vote. Instead, they voted on a bill that Justice Secretary John Ashcroft had pulled the last civil rights teeth out of overnight. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, hardly any congressman actually read the final version of the law before the vote – the most egregious and irresponsible act in the history of the American Congress. What does the law do? It allows the American government to “intercept and track” all of the countless emails you believed to be confidential. If this continues, you can safely delete the word “CONFIDENTIAL” from your spelling program. Also released for review: bank records, school archives, the list of books that you and your children have borrowed from the city library this year (or how often you have logged into the library in the Internet) and your private purchases. Do you think I’m exaggerating? The next time you’re in your doctor’s waiting room or standing in line at the bank, be sure to read the new confidentiality rules. Somewhere in the legal gibberish you will come across a new warning that your right to the -151-

Protection of your data is regulated according to the Big Brother provisions of our new Patriot Act. And that’s not all. Thanks to the special “snooping and informing” regulations of the Patriot Act, federal agents can search your houses and apartments without – just imagine – ever having to tell you they were there! One of the most important articles of the American Bill of Rights is the 4th

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It was claimed that the French were only against the war because they benefited economically from Saddam Hussein’s regime. In fact, however, it was the Americans who made a huge cut. In 2001 the US was Iraq’s leading trading partner. They consumed over 40 percent of his oil exports and their trade with the Iraqi dictator was worth $ 6 billion. By contrast, in 2001 only 8 percent of Iraqi oil exports went to France. Fox News led the way by associating Chirac with Saddam. It showed old footage with a joint appearance by the two men. It didn’t matter that the meeting had taken place in the 1970s. In contrast, the media did not show (ad nauseam) how to give Saddam the keys to the city of Detroit or how Donald Rumsfeld had visited Baghdad in the early 1980s when he was talking to Saddam about the course of the Iran-Iraqi war. This video of Rumsfeld hugging Saddam was obviously not worth looping on. It -104-

did not come once. Yes, okay, it was shown once, on the Oprah Winfrey talk show. In the studio there was an audible murmur through the audience as Rumsfeld teased Saddam. The common man was shocked that the devil was really our devil. Thanks Oprah! How quickly did we forget that the French of all people got the UN Security Council to condemn the attacks and to demand justice for the victims on the day after September 11th. Jacques Chirac was the first foreign head of state to travel to the United States after the attacks and offer us his condolences and pledge his support. One of the hallmarks of true friendship is that your friend dares to warn you if you want to screw up. That’s the kind of friend you should want. And that kind of friend has been France – until we whistled our best friend and bit into the whopper while freedom was fried. No. 6: The combo whopper with an extra salad: “The US is not invading Iraq alone, but with a coalition of the willing!” This is my favorite whopper because I always have to laugh when I think of it. To make it appear as if the international community greeted our invasion of Iraq with a benevolent smile, Bush said we were not the only ones who believed that military action against Saddam was the right thing to do take action against the threat to peace. A broad coalition is now being formed to meet the just demands of the -105-

Enforce the world.

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The list of things, some of which consisted of oil and its by-products, was endless: aspirin, cameras, golf balls, car batteries, carpets, fertilizers, glasses, shampoo, glue, computers, cosmetics, detergents, telephones, food preservatives, footballs, Insecticides, suitcases, nail polish, toilet seats, tights, toothpaste, pillows, soft contact lenses, tires, pens, CDs, sneakers – anything you want and somehow it turned out to be -127-

or made using petroleum. Boy, boy, were we addicted to that stuff. We drank something from a plastic bottle and threw it away. We were able to move a liter of gasoline to buy a liter of milk, and even that was still in a plastic bottle. Your grandmother received presents every Christmas, most of which were made of plastic and lay under a plastic Christmas tree made to look like a real one. And yes, you’re right, we even packed our trash in plastic before throwing it away. Anne Coulter Moore: How did people get the idea of ​​BURNING oil in the first place? Why burn something that you only have a little of? Did people burn diamonds back then? Michael Moore: No, they didn’t burn diamonds. Diamonds were considered valuable. Oil was also considered valuable, but no one cared. We just turned it into gasoline, put electricity on a spark plug, and burned the stuff wherever we got the chance! Anne Coulter Moore: What was it like when you couldn’t breathe anymore because the air was so dirty from burning gasoline? Didn’t that show you that nothing that comes from oil is meant to be burned? Perhaps nature wanted to tell you with the stench: “Don’t burn me!” Michael Moore: Oh, oh, that stench. It was nature’s attempt to tell us something was wrong. What did we think Anne Coulter Moore: Yes what? -128-

Michael Moore: Nothing, nothing at all. Anne Coulter Moore: But it poisoned you. And you didn’t have breathing stations like we do today. So what did you do? Michael Moore: People just had to swallow it and breathe the dirt. Millions of people got sick and died from it. Since no one would admit that it was air pollution from burning fossil fuels that was making it difficult to breathe, doctors said we had asthma or allergies. For you, a ride in an automobile is something you do in a museum, but back then most people “commuted” twenty, thirty, or even fifty kilometers to work every day.

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“It is difficult for me to talk while riding. I have to see your mouth, because I’m deaf. “

“But my wife hears very well,” Shaman said, grinning, and the man grinned back and turned to Rachel and tapped his hat. They exchanged a few words, but mostly the three rode side by side in silence.

When they came to a pond, they stopped to let the horses drink and eat and to stretch their legs. Only now did they properly introduce themselves. The man shook hands with them and said his name was Charles P. Keyser.

“No, I have a farm eight miles from here. I was born in Potawatomi but raised by whites because my parents died of a fever. I hardly understand this Indian chatter either, apart from a few words in Kickapoo. I married a woman who was half Kickapoo, half French. “

He said he went to Tama every few years to spend a few days there. “Don’t really know why.” He shrugged and laughed. “Probably the red skin is drawn to the red skin.”

“O yes. We don’t want it to tear them apart, do we? ”Keyser replied and the two of them mounted and rode on.

They reached Tama in the morning. Long before they got to the huts standing in a large circle, brown-eyed children and barking dogs ran after them.

Soon after, Keyser raised his hand and they paused to dismount. “I’ll let the chief know we’re here,” Keyser said, and went to a nearby cabin. When he returned with a broad-shouldered, middle-aged Indian, a small group had already gathered around the horses.

The stocky man said something Shaman couldn’t read on his lips. It wasn’t English, but the man took Shaman’s hand when he held it out to him. “I’m Dr. Robert J. Cole from Holden’s Crossing, Illinois. And this is my wife, Rachel Cole. “

“Dr. Cole? ”A young man stepped out of the crowd and eyed Shaman. “No. You are too young. “

The man looked at him searchingly. “Are you the deaf boy? … Is that you, Shaman?”

Shaman was delighted when they shook hands, he still remembered how they played together as children. The stocky man said something.

“This is Medi-ke, Snapping Turtle, Chief of the City of Tama,” said Little Dog.