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He is interested in renting a house and is very interested in paying in advance. He even sends documents (falsified of course) for the drafting of the contract.

Hello, I was also contacted by a certain Yannick Tchir, he sent documents and data. Luckily there were obstacles from the beginning and we did not continue dealing with the man. Then we looked for his name on the internet and we found a surprise.

He puts as far as he can his family in emails and conversations on Skype and on the phone. By the way, he has a more or less high-pitched and awkward voice when he speaks, (half lazy).

The important thing is the photo of the document. Short hair and a mustache, jacket and tie. The photo is in gray. Obviously being a scammer is false but in case you use this photo again I give this description.

I clarify that I do not give more descriptions because I could not corroborate anything because there was not much deal with the man so he could not do the Western Union ruse and the retention in Ivory Coast, I have the document numbers and his new telephone number.

I hope this information will be useful for you and contact me if you want photos and data of the vermin, if you have material, publish it, I do not publish it yet because I can not make a move with me and I need more evidence, (Send me material)

Hello, I am from Venezuela, I also received this type of email from Africa Sierra de Leon, it is called Evean John, with a sad story that was a refugee at the beginning, I was shocked by God, thank you, I did not fall into this dirty game, it is necessary to alert people to don’t fall for these games

The same person wrote to me. With the sanata who was a refugee. When I saw the photo he sent me, it seemed to me that he looked more like a cat than a refugee. I put his (Evean John) name in a search engine and found this page.

Very good idea to put all this information. It is the best way to prevent these robber gangs from succeeding.

Hello, I am from Honduras and I also received an email from a girl whose parents were murdered and because of the story I almost fell because it is very sad and supposedly she sent me photos of her, but I started to investigate and I found this page and I realized that it is a vile scam, here is the supposed story:

how are you today? , thank you for your lovely reply.