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Thank you for your email and for your understanding of the situation as I have already explained to you. It is very much appreciated.

I tried to call you a few minutes ago, but unfortunately the lines have been bad and I couldn’t reach you. I speak only a little Spanish. Speak English?

In regards to my transaction proposal. As explained to you in my previous email, my deceased client, Mr. Richard V. Laurencio left behind US $ 4.8m with a commercial bank in West Africa, without a statement from a relative . I have tried through the years to locate his relatives without any success.

I had recently been notified by the bank that there was a policy of freezing inactive account for a period of time and the expiration of Richard’s account would be next month, so my reason for contacting you outside of the blues.

I wish for you as to stand in the late relatives of Richard and the proceeds of the account paid to you, however, for our mutual benefit.

I would like to undertake the necessary transformation that is necessary from here. However, it would be necessary for you to provide an avenue to receive the fund after I link with you as necessary.

I assure you that no law is broken. Each step of the transaction will be carried out in accordance with the laws of your land and my country.

They want me to start the operation as soon as possible due to the deadline, which we are facing.

At the end of the operation, I will travel to meet in your country. I will come with all the original documents of the transaction. This is to demonstrate to the authorities in your country that this is a legitimate fund. In the end you get to 50% of the funds after paying taxes.

Ami I got the same message ……… but I followed the game and even his scanned passport was careful

How was your day? Mine is a little hort here in Dakar, Senegal. I am more than happy to read from you and would also like to tell about myself. My name is joyebue coming from Liberia in West Africa, Age 24 years, 5.6ft tall, fear in the complexion (nevermarried) and I am currently residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar, Senegal, as a result of the war civil that was fought in my country.


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