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His undershirt was stuck to her body and he reached for her, but she got scared.

She put her dress back on and hung the undershirt over a branch to dry. Shaman had a fishing line and some hooks in his luggage, and as soon as he was dressed he found worms and a twig to use as a rod. He went a little way up the river to a deep, current-free place and in a short time had caught two half-pound perch.

For lunch there were hard-boiled eggs from Rachel’s extensive supply, but in the evening they wanted to eat the fish. Shaman took them off immediately. “We’d better fry them right away so they don’t spoil. We’ll wrap her in a cloth and take her with us, ”he said, lighting a small fire.

While the fish were frying, he came back to her. This time she let go of all caution. She didn’t mind that his hands still smelled of fish despite being washed thoroughly and that it was still broad daylight.

He pushed up her skirt and made love to her on the hot, sunny river bank with the sound of the water in her ears.

A few minutes later, when she was turning the fish to prevent them from being burned, a boat came around a bend in the river. Three bearded, barefoot men with bare chests and ripped trousers sat in it. One of them raised a hand and greeted lazily, and Shaman waved back.

As soon as the boat was gone, she fell to her undershirt, which was flapping in the wind like a large white flag that revealed what they had done. When he ran after her, she turned around. “What’s the matter with us?” She asked. ‘What’s the matter with me? Who am I actually? “

“You’re Rachel,” he replied, taking her in his arms. He said it with such satisfaction that she smiled when he kissed her.

Early on the morning of the fifth day they passed a rider on the road. When Shaman approached him to ask for directions, he saw that although the man was simply dressed, he rode a good horse with an expensive saddle. His hair was long and black, and his skin was the color of burnt clay.

“Nothing easier than that. I’ll ride there myself. Just come with me if you want! “

The Indian leaned forward and said something else, but Shaman shook his head.

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