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Dear friends, thanks to Mr. Jean Paul Marie, I received a loan from USD 185000 without complications and in a short time, that allowed me to expand my business .. Your email is: (Hidden) I want to share this news with you because this gentleman He gave me the joy of life in the provision of this loan, I never finish it. For all your loan needs, contact. It will also help you. Your email is: (Hidden) Number: +33756961591 I assure you that you will be satisfied with it. God bless you.

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My resources were exhausted to return and in the embassy there is still no response.

I want to return to my country, Colombia, but in view of the situation of the Covid-19 I know it is very complicated. I am in Mexico without money, therefore I want financial help.

I am trapped in Quito, my only way of communication is by whatsapp and email, I am desperate, alone and have endured hunger. I want to return home please.

I am a student and my I-20 expires in May. My parents are no longer economically due to the situation and they are not working.

At this time my greatest difficulty is not to have economic resources to be able to buy my basic foods. And the uncertainty of not knowing how much longer I will be here without being able to travel. It is also very worked. Thanks for your attention and your time!

I was left without resources, I am in vulnerability in Peru and my minor daughters are in Cúcuta. I want to go home. Please help!

I require Help to be able to return home since I do not have how to defray the maintenance costs in Ecuador, they will take me out of the hotel and I do not have more resources to eat.

Hello, at this moment I find myself without work, without money, without food, without how to pay a rent. I am desperate in a room in Spain.

Due to the current situation I find myself without work. Therefore I have problems paying the place where I live and I do not have it for where to go in case of an eviction. All this makes you miss the ‘Tierrita’ and loved ones.

I am stranded in the city of Arequipa, Peru. I want to return to Colombia and I do not know how to do or have money for it because in these almost two month of forty you have gone all my savings. I am traveling on my motorcycle.

Good day, I am a student who with the efforts traveled to Spain to make a master’s degree. By the situation they have closed universities and others, therefore I have not been able to work or do anything, I am worried. For any gesture of help I will be highly grateful.

We are in Guayaquil for a month and a half and we need to return to Colombia. We are photographs, thank you for the help you can give us some humanitarian flight.

I came to France to study French, I have a student visa that allows me to work, counted on to help me economically. I would like to know if I can receive subsidies and information about flights that Colombians are scheduled in France who want to return to Colombia.

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He is interested in renting a house and is very interested in paying in advance. He even sends documents (falsified of course) for the drafting of the contract.

Hello, I was also contacted by a certain Yannick Tchir, he sent documents and data. Luckily there were obstacles from the beginning and we did not continue dealing with the man. Then we looked for his name on the internet and we found a surprise.

He puts as far as he can his family in emails and conversations on Skype and on the phone. By the way, he has a more or less high-pitched and awkward voice when he speaks, (half lazy).

The important thing is the photo of the document. Short hair and a mustache, jacket and tie. The photo is in gray. Obviously being a scammer is false but in case you use this photo again I give this description.

I clarify that I do not give more descriptions because I could not corroborate anything because there was not much deal with the man so he could not do the Western Union ruse and the retention in Ivory Coast, I have the document numbers and his new telephone number.

I hope this information will be useful for you and contact me if you want photos and data of the vermin, if you have material, publish it, I do not publish it yet because I can not make a move with me and I need more evidence, (Send me material)

Hello, I am from Venezuela, I also received this type of email from Africa Sierra de Leon, it is called Evean John, with a sad story that was a refugee at the beginning, I was shocked by God, thank you, I did not fall into this dirty game, it is necessary to alert people to don’t fall for these games

The same person wrote to me. With the sanata who was a refugee. When I saw the photo he sent me, it seemed to me that he looked more like a cat than a refugee. I put his (Evean John) name in a search engine and found this page.

Very good idea to put all this information. It is the best way to prevent these robber gangs from succeeding.

Hello, I am from Honduras and I also received an email from a girl whose parents were murdered and because of the story I almost fell because it is very sad and supposedly she sent me photos of her, but I started to investigate and I found this page and I realized that it is a vile scam, here is the supposed story:

how are you today? , thank you for your lovely reply.

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Thank you for your email and for your understanding of the situation as I have already explained to you. It is very much appreciated.

I tried to call you a few minutes ago, but unfortunately the lines have been bad and I couldn’t reach you. I speak only a little Spanish. Speak English?

In regards to my transaction proposal. As explained to you in my previous email, my deceased client, Mr. Richard V. Laurencio left behind US $ 4.8m with a commercial bank in West Africa, without a statement from a relative . I have tried through the years to locate his relatives without any success.

I had recently been notified by the bank that there was a policy of freezing inactive account for a period of time and the expiration of Richard’s account would be next month, so my reason for contacting you outside of the blues.

I wish for you as to stand in the late relatives of Richard and the proceeds of the account paid to you, however, for our mutual benefit.

I would like to undertake the necessary transformation that is necessary from here. However, it would be necessary for you to provide an avenue to receive the fund after I link with you as necessary.

I assure you that no law is broken. Each step of the transaction will be carried out in accordance with the laws of your land and my country.

They want me to start the operation as soon as possible due to the deadline, which we are facing.

At the end of the operation, I will travel to meet in your country. I will come with all the original documents of the transaction. This is to demonstrate to the authorities in your country that this is a legitimate fund. In the end you get to 50% of the funds after paying taxes.

Ami I got the same message ……… but I followed the game and even his scanned passport was careful

How was your day? Mine is a little hort here in Dakar, Senegal. I am more than happy to read from you and would also like to tell about myself. My name is joyebue coming from Liberia in West Africa, Age 24 years, 5.6ft tall, fear in the complexion (nevermarried) and I am currently residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar, Senegal, as a result of the war civil that was fought in my country.


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and now he has loved me more than ever..Thank you so much sir for your love and reuniting my family again sir, his email address is (hidden) or you call him through this number, 2349036194495.

15 days ago they took out my right ovary due to endometriosis and the surgery did not go well since at 8 am they had to intervene immediately since I was bleeding. From this I have anemia, my whole body hurts and I also have disquecia and a lot of pain when trying to urinate, I would like to know if it is normal if it is part of the endometriosis in this instance or if it is due to perhaps a bad procedure being performed. I appreciate your fast response.

Omg really works within 48 hours a day, I am still in total surprise that through Dr.Akpada spell my lover was able to get back to me within 48 hours, this never expected because I have never seen anything that has an effect on humans like this one. At first, when I read some testimonials on the Internet about Dr.Akpada I never knew that he was this powerful, but I am happy now that I contacted Dr.Akpada. You can also contact Dr.Akpada via email (hidden)

rather by mail a spellcaster who could help me to a spell that would bring him

which was around 4:00 pm. My ex called me, I was so surprised, he answered the

They call and all he said was that he was so upset for everything that happened,

My name is Hellen Els, from Baltimore. I want to share my testimonials with the general public about what this man named Dr. Kruma has just done for me, this man has just brought joy back to my home and my life in person I heard of him before and I was doubting it when I gave him a chance regarding my lack of having my own baby and pregnancy for the man I married named Mr. Kenny we were together for a long time and we loved our self of but when have I been able to give him a child for 2 years he left me and said he can’t go on and then now I was looking for a way to bring him back until a friend of mine told me about this man and gave his contact via email:

so he won’t believe this when I contacted him, thank you once again the great Dr.

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Friends I want to tell you about a message that reached me now, I think you think it is sierto below I detail the message.

Dear friend, as you read this, I do not want you to feel sorry for me, because I’m going to die soon Believeeveryone, and I’m in contact with you because I really need your need, and I want you to help me with all your effort and the Time just seven days after its performance Tofourteen Time.i I want you to be honest and truthfull withme that you will help me with my last wishas a dying. My name is Ahmed Saeed A merchant in Dubai, at the UAEI Han Diagnosedwith esophagium has stained all forms of medical treatment, and RightNow I have only a few months of life, according to Experts.i doctors have not lived in particular My life as well as I never cared forarnyone (not even myself), but my business. Although I am very rich, I needed me, I have always been hostile to people and only focused on my business as thatwas all that mattered to me. But now I regret all this as now I know that more in life they simply want to have or make all the money at TheWorld. I think that when God gives me a second chance to come to this world that Livemy would be life in a different way of how I have lived it. Now that God has called me, I will be willing and considering most of my properties and assets to the members of my immediate family Andextended, as well as a few close friends. I want God to have mercy on me and accept that my soul is like that, I have decided Givealso to charities, as it is one of the deedsi good to do on earth for the last time, I have distributed the money to Some charity organizations in the United Arab Emirates, Algeria and Malaysia. Now that my health is so deteriorated, I can not do it myself never again. On one occasion he asked the members of my family to close one of my accounts and the money I have distributed not to a charity in Andpakistan Bulgaria, they refused and remained with the money from Themselves.hence, not Trustthem more, since They do not seem to be heard with what I have left for them.

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The whole thing had been strange and lonely, until it was approached by Grin, who had made no secret of the fact that he had two eggs of the finest steel in his sack when it came to gruesomely beautiful women. But somehow it wasn’t even about her subjective identification when she waited for the flashes and the apparent non sequiturs that revealed more than just cold, hip, technical abstraction. For example, Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s 240-second motionless shot from below

“The ecstasy of St. Theresa,” which – yes, the dramatic development of the marriage contract … brought it to an annoying standstill that a fifteen to thirty second statue would have produced just as well; but on the fifth or sixth watch, Joelle realized that the four-minute long still image accentuated an absence: the whole film took the POV308 of the alcohol-addicted snack bag seller, and this – or his head – could be seen in every shot, even on the split screen the titanic sky marathon seven-card study game with tarot cards – the rolled eyes, the temple dents and the rosary made of beads of sweat on the upper lip could be seen continuously on the screen and the screen … except for the four narrative minutes in which the alcohol-addicted snack bag seller in the Vittoria in front of which Bernini stood and the climactic statue filled the canvas and pushed itself to all four edges. The statue, the sensual presence of the sculpture, let the alcohol-addicted snack bag seller escape himself, his annoying, omnipresent, complicated head, she realized, that was the point. The four-minute freeze might not have been at all

The four-minute still image was perhaps not a meaningful artistic gesture or an anti-public wrong track. Freedom from one’s own head, from the inescapable subject, Joelle gradually recognized an emotional thrust, indirect to the point of invisibility, because the mediated transcendence of the self was exactly what the apparently decadent statue of the orgasmic nun claimed for itself as a subject. After a serious (and admittedly rather boring) examination, an unironical, almost moral thesis of the abstract, sarcastic camp cartridge emerged: the stasis of the climactic statue of the film presented its theoretical subject as an emotional effect – a self-forgetfulness like that of the Grail – , and she presented – in a hidden gesture that had something almost moralistic about it, Joelle, who was coked and looked at the brightly lit screen with her mouth twitching while cleaning – found the self-forgetfulness in alcohol to be subordinate to that in religion / art (because bourbon consumption left that The head of the salesman swell terribly until its dimensions at the end of the film the frame

and he had terrible and humiliating trouble to maneuver him through the main entrance of the Vittoria into the open). But somehow it didn’t matter much once she got to know the whole family. The work and its analyzes were just a premonition – which usually came over her under small, controllable amounts of coke, which allowed her to see deeper and more clearly, and therefore those notions were not inherent in the objective work itself – a feeling out of the hollow belly that the punter’s deeply injured attitude toward his father was limited, self-conscious, and perhaps unreal.

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– Sent back used tunnels, where a sizable pile of bags is already piling up fragrant. A confirmed wild hamster sighting could also be confirmed, as Chu, Gopnik and »S. TP «Peterson agrees to keep the rectors’ office from the post-eschaton reprisals against the big buddies Pemulis, Incandenza and Axford, which the eschatonist faction of the association does not necessarily want to see repressed, although the consensus is that nobody would object to the infamous Ann Kittenplan would be taught the flute tones. Hamster incursions could also be blamed for the occult appearance of large and unsuitable E. 1.A. objects in the most unsuitable places, which started in August when thousands of exercise balls were found scattered all over the blue foyer carpet, which is in the middle September continued with the carefully stacked pyramid found on Court 6 during morning practice

The carefully stacked pyramid of AminoPal energy bars found and what has since gained a dynamic that could remain stolen from everyone – wild hamsters are notorious grinders and regroupers of objects that they cannot eat, but with which they still have to play around compulsively – and so on reduce the collective near-hysteria which is equally widespread among the indigenous auxiliary staff and the U16s of the E. 1. A. After all, it is foreseeable that it would turn the boys from the tunnel club into heroes. They move through the tunnel, the rays of their mercury lamps cross and separate, forming jagged and slightly pink colored angles. But even a confirmed rat would be a coup. Dean of Studies Mrs Inc has a wild phobia about pests, garbage, insects and general plant hygiene, and Orkin men with beer bellies and playing cards with naked women in high-heeled shoes on the backs (McKenna claims) spray the whole E twice a semester 1. A. until it stops with pesticides. None of the

little E. 1. A. boys – for the pests are just as much a fetish of the post-latency phase as underground abodes and exclusive clubs have each seen or even caught a rat, a cockroach or even a lousy silverfish. The unspoken consensus is that a wild hamster would be optimal, but a rat would not be to be despised either. A single lousy rat would give the club a real reason, an explainable reason for the underground gatherings – they all have a bad feeling that they cannot really explain to themselves why they like to meet underground so much. “Sleeps, do you mean you can get this up and carried away?” “Chu, man, I wouldn’t stand next to it, let alone touch it.