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– Sent back used tunnels, where a sizable pile of bags is already piling up fragrant. A confirmed wild hamster sighting could also be confirmed, as Chu, Gopnik and »S. TP «Peterson agrees to keep the rectors’ office from the post-eschaton reprisals against the big buddies Pemulis, Incandenza and Axford, which the eschatonist faction of the association does not necessarily want to see repressed, although the consensus is that nobody would object to the infamous Ann Kittenplan would be taught the flute tones. Hamster incursions could also be blamed for the occult appearance of large and unsuitable E. 1.A. objects in the most unsuitable places, which started in August when thousands of exercise balls were found scattered all over the blue foyer carpet, which is in the middle September continued with the carefully stacked pyramid found on Court 6 during morning practice

The carefully stacked pyramid of AminoPal energy bars found and what has since gained a dynamic that could remain stolen from everyone – wild hamsters are notorious grinders and regroupers of objects that they cannot eat, but with which they still have to play around compulsively – and so on reduce the collective near-hysteria which is equally widespread among the indigenous auxiliary staff and the U16s of the E. 1. A. After all, it is foreseeable that it would turn the boys from the tunnel club into heroes. They move through the tunnel, the rays of their mercury lamps cross and separate, forming jagged and slightly pink colored angles. But even a confirmed rat would be a coup. Dean of Studies Mrs Inc has a wild phobia about pests, garbage, insects and general plant hygiene, and Orkin men with beer bellies and playing cards with naked women in high-heeled shoes on the backs (McKenna claims) spray the whole E twice a semester 1. A. until it stops with pesticides. None of the

little E. 1. A. boys – for the pests are just as much a fetish of the post-latency phase as underground abodes and exclusive clubs have each seen or even caught a rat, a cockroach or even a lousy silverfish. The unspoken consensus is that a wild hamster would be optimal, but a rat would not be to be despised either. A single lousy rat would give the club a real reason, an explainable reason for the underground gatherings – they all have a bad feeling that they cannot really explain to themselves why they like to meet underground so much. “Sleeps, do you mean you can get this up and carried away?” “Chu, man, I wouldn’t stand next to it, let alone touch it.

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