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“Shaman? My dear? ”When there was no response again, she clapped her hands loudly. Five faces turned to her, but one didn’t.

In the other room the musicians played the Mozart duo that they played best together and in which they shone as artists. Rob was very surprised when Lillian suddenly stood in front of him and stopped his bow in the middle of a passage that he especially loved. “Your son,” she said, “the little one. He doesn’t hear anything. “

During his lifelong struggle to alleviate the ailments associated with physical and mental defects, Rob J. wondered again and again how deeply it affected him when the patient was someone he loved. He had sympathy for everyone he treated, including those who had been made evil by the disease, and even for those who had been evil before their disease, for in seeking his help they in a way became his . As a young doctor in Scotland, he had seen his mother grow weaker and weaker and closer to death, and that had made it painful to see how powerless he was as a doctor. He was deeply pained now by what had happened to this strong, stocky boy who had sprung from his seed and soul. Shaman just lay dazed while his father clapped his hands, dropped heavy books on the floor, and yelled at him. “Can … you … hear … something … son?”

Rob yelled, pointing to his own ears, but the little boy just stared at him in confusion. Shaman had become completely deaf. “Will it go away again?” Sarah asked her husband. “Maybe,” said Rob, but he worried even more than she did because he knew more and had seen tragedies she could hardly imagine.

“You’ll see to it that it goes away.” She had absolute confidence in him. Just as he had once saved her, he would heal her child too.

Rob J. didn’t know how to go about it, but he tried. He poured warm oil into Shaman’s ears.

He bathed him hot, put on compresses. Sarah prayed to Jesus. The Geigers prayed to Yahweh. Makwa-ikwa beat her water drum and sang to her manitus and spirits. Neither God nor Spirit seemed to care. Neither God nor the Spirit answered the supplication.

At first Shaman was too baffled to be afraid. But just a few hours later he began to whimper and scream. He shook his head and grabbed his ears. Sarah

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