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“(B) APPLICABLE AMENDMENT – Section 2703 (d) of Article 18, United States Code, is amended to delete” Described in Section 3127 (2) (A) “. Do you get it? For this reason, people in the Justice Department tug their hair every time someone wants to know exactly what this all means, and they regularly recommend that citizens “read the law for themselves” for clarity – one In view of the stipulated language of the law, a recommendation verging on mockery. On October 11th, just a month after September 11th, the Senate approved a version of the law that civil rights experts found even less acceptable than -150-

the version presented to the House of Representatives to be voted on the next day. The Bush administration disliked the restrictions in the House of Representatives bill, and the Department of Justice worked with the House Speaker all night to remove any civil protection clauses attached to the bill by the House committees. The final version was submitted on October 12th at 3:45 am. When the representatives went to vote on the law in Congress a few hours later, they thought the bill that they had agreed on the previous day would now be put to the vote. Instead, they voted on a bill that Justice Secretary John Ashcroft had pulled the last civil rights teeth out of overnight. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, hardly any congressman actually read the final version of the law before the vote – the most egregious and irresponsible act in the history of the American Congress. What does the law do? It allows the American government to “intercept and track” all of the countless emails you believed to be confidential. If this continues, you can safely delete the word “CONFIDENTIAL” from your spelling program. Also released for review: bank records, school archives, the list of books that you and your children have borrowed from the city library this year (or how often you have logged into the library in the Internet) and your private purchases. Do you think I’m exaggerating? The next time you’re in your doctor’s waiting room or standing in line at the bank, be sure to read the new confidentiality rules. Somewhere in the legal gibberish you will come across a new warning that your right to the -151-

Protection of your data is regulated according to the Big Brother provisions of our new Patriot Act. And that’s not all. Thanks to the special “snooping and informing” regulations of the Patriot Act, federal agents can search your houses and apartments without – just imagine – ever having to tell you they were there! One of the most important articles of the American Bill of Rights is the 4th

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