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My resources were exhausted to return and in the embassy there is still no response.

I want to return to my country, Colombia, but in view of the situation of the Covid-19 I know it is very complicated. I am in Mexico without money, therefore I want financial help.

I am trapped in Quito, my only way of communication is by whatsapp and email, I am desperate, alone and have endured hunger. I want to return home please.

I am a student and my I-20 expires in May. My parents are no longer economically due to the situation and they are not working.

At this time my greatest difficulty is not to have economic resources to be able to buy my basic foods. And the uncertainty of not knowing how much longer I will be here without being able to travel. It is also very worked. Thanks for your attention and your time!

I was left without resources, I am in vulnerability in Peru and my minor daughters are in CĂșcuta. I want to go home. Please help!

I require Help to be able to return home since I do not have how to defray the maintenance costs in Ecuador, they will take me out of the hotel and I do not have more resources to eat.

Hello, at this moment I find myself without work, without money, without food, without how to pay a rent. I am desperate in a room in Spain.

Due to the current situation I find myself without work. Therefore I have problems paying the place where I live and I do not have it for where to go in case of an eviction. All this makes you miss the ‘Tierrita’ and loved ones.

I am stranded in the city of Arequipa, Peru. I want to return to Colombia and I do not know how to do or have money for it because in these almost two month of forty you have gone all my savings. I am traveling on my motorcycle.

Good day, I am a student who with the efforts traveled to Spain to make a master’s degree. By the situation they have closed universities and others, therefore I have not been able to work or do anything, I am worried. For any gesture of help I will be highly grateful.

We are in Guayaquil for a month and a half and we need to return to Colombia. We are photographs, thank you for the help you can give us some humanitarian flight.

I came to France to study French, I have a student visa that allows me to work, counted on to help me economically. I would like to know if I can receive subsidies and information about flights that Colombians are scheduled in France who want to return to Colombia.

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